We all have heard about Deja Vu , a french world which mean “ already seen”  this is a phenomenon when we think that the current situation is same which they have seen or experienced earlier. This normally happens in early age group and as we grow older it disappears.

Almost everyone in there early age have experienced Deja Vu, where one say is this we have done earlier and sometime response comes in a confirmation. This is a weird feeling that makes light and lost. Though Deja Vu is a very short lived instance of our life but it left such a impact that people remember this small instance of few sec to whole of there life. This is not just limited to remembering the Deja Vu but it also generate the curiosity to know more about Deja Vu.  

There are so many beliefs and assumption based on the school of thoughts. Some believe that Deja Vu is a old memories of your previous life. Though it does not have any scientific explanations of the hypothesis. Whereas scientist belief that Deja Vu is the product of brain imagination or neuron hyper communication where brain show ideas messed up with real life instance but still there is no scientific studies backing up this theory of brain misfiring. The Deja Vu is still a mystery to be solved.

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