Let Your Tarot Help You to Have a Good Day!

We wake up every morning, do all the work, and take breakfast and get out of our work. Our day passes but we never feel happy inside. Why does this happen? We never care about this thing. Like a machine, we wake up every morning, take a bath, take breakfast, go to our own work, and return home to the weary in the evening. This is what happens every day. Nothing new is happening in our life. What do we do in such a way that our everyday day is good? The answer is the same tarot. Tarot cards are very important in our life. What will happen in our life tomorrow? How it will happen? Why would? The tarot card gives answers to all these questions. Apart from this, tarot cards can help in many ways! Like what should we do? When should we? Etc.

If we want to make us every day better, then we have to give Tarot an important place in our lives. We have to include tarot cards in our daily schedule. With this, the day that will pass our everyday life will be special and we will be special every day. For this, we need tarot cards. First, take the deck of the tarot card, then shuffle them, after a shuffle, choose three tarot cards and after selecting them, keep the three tarot cards aside. These three tarot cards will tell you what you have to do?

The first tarot card will tell you what colour of clothes you wear today. The colour of the clothing is so important because the colour of the clothes affects our positivity and negativity. If we will wear dark colours like black brown purple etc., then there will not be positive energy around us and we will begin to fill negativity within, which will make us negative and behave most irritable and those who work around us and feel uncomfortable and it will also work on our work. We will not be able to concentrate on our work, which will harm us in our work and our loss will hurt us. So always your tarot card will suggest you wear light colours. Therefore, always dress in white pink, blue, etc. These clothes will fill you with positive energy, as well as the communication of positive energy around you, which will keep you happy throughout the day and people living around you will be happy too. You will do your work wholeheartedly and happily and your day will be good. So wear your first tarot card and wear light coloured clothes.

The second card will tell you which way you have to go to your office or workplace. The path is very important because often we choose such a route in a hurry, in which a crematorium or a very old barren building falls, and by doing so many problems can arise for us. Moving through such places or going through such a way can prove to be fatal for us. There are many negative energies present in such a place which can be dominated by us, which have a lot of effect on our work and our nature and we get caught up in many problems. Therefore always obey the tarot card and choose such a path, where there is a holy place, such as a church temple etc., on such a way you will feel positive and your day will be very good.

The third tarot card will tell you that you have to be happy today and keep others happy too. As we all know, the rule of the world is to be happy and be happy to others too. By doing this our Guardian Angel is very happy and God is also very pleased, due to which there is a lot of happiness for us. So always be happy and keep everyone happy. In doing so, your third tarot card will be fully supported.
So this was the suggestion of the Tarot Card to make your day good. If you want your daily life to be good, if you are happy every day, then give Tarot cards a little time in your daily life and give a little faith. You will become special every day and you will always be happy.


Jupiter in Virgo

Virgo is a dual earth sign ruled by Mercury. It shares an inimical relationship with Jupiter. This year, on August 11th, Jupiter will move to the sign of Virgo. However, in this position, the energy of Jupiter and Virgo are opposite—but they actually provide the perfect balance if you can work with and not against them. This position of Jupiter gives ambition to the native. Each year, Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, as well as growth and knowledge, moves through the signs. He stays in each sign for a 12-month visit as he travels around the zodiac.

Such people have great communication skills as Jupiter expands what Virgo signifies. These people are very intelligent and there is a hunger for knowledge. They always keep their mind open to new ideas & information. Rarely do they miss an opportunity to learn. Their approach is quite cautious and methodical in life. They have a practical outlook, even scientific at times. They always get to the detail of things and want proof before believing something. Virgo is the sign of the virgin; the mascot also shows the virgin holding flowers. This position of Jupiter gives a strong penchant for scents and flowers. Jupiter’s influence also gives inclination towards reading spiritual books and scriptures. These people are loving and pure at heart. They are quite generous too; however, they do not blindly give away. Their approach in such matters is practical. These natives also get a beautiful and intellectual partner. They are either blessed with a fortunate life or are quite skillful and learned to make one.

Your analytical skills are unstoppable, and you have a knack for seeing everything that could go wrong. This makes you a fabulous inspector, critic or engineer. But thanks to Jupiter’s philosophical bent, you like finding solutions, too. Jupiter is in “detriment” in this sign, because Virgo is opposite on the zodiac wheel to the secondary sign it governs, Pisces. Because of this, you may get stuck in “analysis paralysis” before you take a leap. Perfectionism is your Achilles heel, so embrace the process and be willing to learn from your mistakes.

If Jupiter occupies Virgo at birth, one will be a scholar, be virtuous, be skillful in his work, be fond of scents, robes, and flowers, will firmly gain in undertakings, will have rich experience in Shastras and fine arts, be affluent, charitable, pure-hearted, skillful and wonderfully learned.

Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac, and one of Virgo’s strengths is to hone in on the details to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Jupiter is more focused on the big picture and visualizes the end result, but can lose sight of the details, which are the glue that cements thoughts into reality. And this is where Virgo steps into the rescue, ensuring that Jupiter’s vision is brought to order and reality, in the best possible way. So, although the vibrations of these two are opposite, they are complementary.

As always, the best way to work with Jupiter energy is to set or review your goals and put your thoughts out to the universe in a positive manner. Remember, the Jupiter energy expands, so it is important to think about what you want in life, rather than focus on what you don’t want— think in terms of positive, not negative. Send out a positive vibration to the universe in the way of affirmative thoughts, prayer or an upbeat attitude about life in general.
With Jupiter in your sign, your luck increases! You can expect to catch the travel bug and could do business abroad or mix with different cultures. It’s advisable to let go of a need to have everything in order, easier said than done for Virgo, but if you can, you will open yourself up to amazing opportunities, adventures that can literally change your life. This year, you can get to know who you are, your boundaries, your spiritual self and the depth of who you are and what you are capable of. It is a rewarding year that brings with it much success.

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Death dreams? Do you know what they mean?

You might have seen a dream in which a loved one of yours has died and most of the times it is an upsetting experience. It does not necessarily mean that if someone dies in your dreams is going to die the next movement. We can relate these Death dreams to many different aspects of our lives. This can be the ending or start of a new beginning. It all depends on who has died in your dream and the nature of their death. It is important to know and to understand what that person represents for you.
If for instance, an old person or a child dies in your dream, they have some messages for you who you need to find out. Psychologists believe that dreams about relatives or friends who have just passed away are because of depression or feeling of guilt towards them. It is also commonly assumed that dream of a dead person is a sign of unexpected news. The dead ones come to our dreams with a message, advice or warning.
Here are some of the most common death dreams and their meanings:
1. Death of yourself
This could mean a number of things if you are the person who died in your dream. This leaves me with a problem since nobody can tell you how you feel; only you know that. So only you have the power to see this for what it truly is. It could be a wake-up call, time to end unhealthy habits and practices putting your life in danger.
2. Death of a baby
A baby is always dependent on someone else. A baby dying is someone failing over that duty. Our culture places a strong weight on the death of a baby because when we look at a baby we imagine what he/she could become. If it dies without growing up and realizing what it might have been, how do we know? So, a dead baby is not only a death but it’s the death of a possibility that was not yet determined. This is a very common dream where new mothers realize the importance of their duty regarding their new-born babies.
3. Death of a child
This dream is very common among older parents and it mostly occurs at a time when their children are leaving them alone. You can interpret this in your way but I say it means a new life for your child. An aspect of his old is gone and a new aspect of his life starts. It’s never bad when you dream death of someone, quite the opposite.
4. Death of a parent
When you see something in which your parents are dead in your dream then it could happen as your unconscious mind worrying about losing them in the future. This is especially true if they are elderly. But if your parents are already passed away then you can take this as an opportunity to say goodbye them for the last time.
5. Death of a sibling
It could an indication that in your busy life you have no time for your siblings. This dream means that if you have a brother or sister you need some healthy time with them because they need you whether you like it or not. Talk to them about the happier time spent together.
6. Death of a husband or wife
To understand this death dream you need to explore what it is about your loved one that you particularly admire or love, and see what you are missing. Anyone who has this dream that their most precious loved one has died might be unconsciously admitting to themselves that they are lacking something important to their partner.
7. Dreaming of someone who is already dead
A Christian dream interpretation book says about this “the soul of our deceased relative or friend has not found peace yet”, and advice to hold additional ceremonies at the funeral and repose of the deceased. An English dream book interprets the dream of dead people as a sign of good events in the family, such as a wedding or the birth of a child or anything happy and prosperous. Another dream book says that seeing a dead relative in a dream before the wedding is a warning against the union. This dream indicates the unhappy marriage and warns that the children born in it will be sick and weak.
8. Death of a stranger
If you don’t know the person that has died in your dream, then this could be a good sign. This dream symbolises prosperity and good fortune in near future. You will have good luck mostly at your workplace.
9. You find a dead body
Discovery of this dead body is very important in your dream. You need to look at the circumstances surrounding. Do you know the person? When and where the body was found with the reason? Once you have these answers then see if there is any correlation between you and that person.
10. You killed someone
It shows your previous guilty feelings or a bad judgment you made recently are coming back to haunt you.
It is not a bad thing to see dead people in our dreams, the only time it might be worrying if we a companied the dead person to where he or she was going.



We all have heard about Deja Vu , a french world which mean “ already seen”  this is a phenomenon when we think that the current situation is same which they have seen or experienced earlier. This normally happens in early age group and as we grow older it disappears.

Almost everyone in there early age have experienced Deja Vu, where one say is this we have done earlier and sometime response comes in a confirmation. This is a weird feeling that makes light and lost. Though Deja Vu is a very short lived instance of our life but it left such a impact that people remember this small instance of few sec to whole of there life. This is not just limited to remembering the Deja Vu but it also generate the curiosity to know more about Deja Vu.  

There are so many beliefs and assumption based on the school of thoughts. Some believe that Deja Vu is a old memories of your previous life. Though it does not have any scientific explanations of the hypothesis. Whereas scientist belief that Deja Vu is the product of brain imagination or neuron hyper communication where brain show ideas messed up with real life instance but still there is no scientific studies backing up this theory of brain misfiring. The Deja Vu is still a mystery to be solved.


Superstitions and Their Origins

Superstitions are they beliefs that strengthen Or are they faiths that blindfold Do superstitions beef up a timid mind or do they weaken a brave heart While most of them arise out of fear some are meant to drive fear away. Superstitious beliefs are an outcome of ignorance and lack of rational thinking, but then they are beliefs after all. Beliefs become notions then become opinions and eventually begin to prevail in society.

Many of them stay for years deep rooted in the minds of common people while some are wiped off over time. Many superstitions become the basis of certain social customs and go on to become traditions. Such is the power of superstitions that they turn from being false beliefs to becoming strong notions, and the masses start following them. So what if they lack a rational standing So what if they lack a logical base Superstitions are beliefs And beliefs don’t need a reason Or do they

The origin of superstitions can be traced to beliefs people held in the olden times. Fear about the unseen less knowledge about the forces of nature and a lack of general awareness was the reason for the spread of certain beliefs in society. These beliefs might have lacked logic but there was nothing that could convince people otherwise. There was nothing to prove how baseless the beliefs were. They were passed from one generation to another until there were some who put their foot down to disapprove them. Some superstitious belief became social norms. With passing time some superstitions were rendered false while others ‘succeeded’ in establishing themselves as truths. The easiest and most obvious classification of superstitions puts them under two categories namely good luck superstitions and bad luck superstitions. With most superstitions there is some kind of symbolism involved for instance a black cat, a dead bird, an open umbrella, the number 13 and spilled salt symbolize bad luck, while a falling star, a horseshoe, a rabbit’s foot and the number 7 are popularly associated with good luck.

Lucky Horseshoes:
A horseshoe is one of the widely known good luck charms. It is considered lucky for its distinctive shape and function. The shape of a horseshoe, a typical U, similar to that of a crescent moon, is believed to bring good luck. Secondly, a horseshoe protects the horse, and is hence believed to protect humans too. Since making horseshoes is related to blacksmithy, which is considered to be a noble profession, horseshoes are also associated with nobility, and hence believed to bring good luck.

What does Finding a Penny indicate?:
You are definitely lucky if you find money. Finding a penny and picking it up is believed to bring a day of good luck. Finding a penny with heads up is considered luckier. It is believed that this penny should not be spent. Keeping it safe can bring you fortune. Any metal was considered God’s gift to mankind. Finding any metal coin would therefore be considered lucky. What can a penny buy you today Is finding one lucky then?

Black Cats bring Bad Luck(?):
The origin of this superstition can be traced to ancient Egypt. Back then, their goddess Bast was a female black cat. Christians, at that time, wanting to eradicate all other religions from society, convinced people that black cats were demons. Thus, a black cat crossing someone’s path began to be considered as evil, a barrier in one’s way to heaven.
Interestingly though, in England, black cats are believed to bring good luck. Some believe that cats can see spirits and can hence guard you against evil spirits. In Yorkshire, black cats are believed to guide fishermen safely home.

Breaking a Mirror:
It is said that breaking a mirror can bring you seven years of bad luck. Do you think there’s any truth in this proposition? The origin of this superstition stems from the belief that your reflection in the mirror represents your soul or your ‘self’. Breaking of the mirror would cause this ‘self’ to break, indicating that bad luck is near. Interestingly, there’s also a remedy to ward this ill luck away. Some believe that if the broken pieces are buried underground, bad luck can be kept at bay.

The Unlucky 13
The widely known story behind 13 being unlucky is that of Last Supper. Judas, the betrayer of Jesus was the 13th guest at the meal. And how did the Friday the 13th superstition originate? Actually, it’s just that the 13th day of a month falls on a Friday. There should be nothing scary about it. But with the many beliefs associated with 13th coming on Friday, this date has become a reason to fear.

Spilling Salt:
Something I had heard about spilling salt was that if you spill it, God makes you pick it up with your eye lashes. The superstition might have originated from the idea of discouraging wastage of salt by developing a fear about spilling it. Salt used to be expensive then. So, considering the spilling of salt as a sin was a sure way to make people more careful about its usage.

For more on Superstitions, please check out the blog stellanmatkassa.com, They can give you lots of valuable advice.


Can Psychics help people meeting with their most loved one who is now Dead?

This is one of the FAQs storming in the internet these days. It is one of the most questions remarks as well over the years. Do you also have such a query and eager to clarify whether the psychics or the spiritual gurus can actually help you meet with the dead person (s) you loved so much? Then you have reached the right destination. This article is dedicated to those confused souls looking forward to a viable answer regarding the possibility of such happenings.

Here you go. Take a deep breath and read out. Let’s hope you get your answer from the research we have made so far—

Death is inevitable but often sudden…
You must agree with this assertion that death is indeed unstoppable. It is the final chapter that all the living beings have to enter from where the life cycle reverses all over again per the ideas of different theories of life and death. But honestly, there is hardly any living being on earth that doesn’t go through the pain of losing the close persons because of the sudden death. Whether the person you lost is old or young—the pain remains the same.

So you want to see the loved person you lost…
Have it ever happen to you that you lost someone suddenly in any accident, mishap or for any acute disease but want to see him/her once again. Want to ask the person how he/she had been so long and whether the person is happy where he/she has gone? There must have been several other questions that would run in your head that you consider to ask while mourning the death of the loved one.

Why the psychic?
If you are headstrong about meeting the deceased once again a psychic can be your guiding star. Yes, honestly, there are a few psychics with amazing gifts which they have and they are ready to help people wanting to know about the dead persons. But, with the power of your intuition and research you will have to reach the disposal of the most talented and genuine psychic.

Knowing the abilities of the psychic helping you out…
Meeting the dead and communicating is one of the gifts and extreme abilities that many psychics obtain with years of practice and dedication. With the abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telekinesis, telepathy, higher-self, Psychometry and above all intuition- the psychics are capable to bridge between the worlds of the dead and the living.

Is the psychic a self medium? Or you have to find one…
Mostly, they work as a medium and communicate with the deceased by asking them questions verbally or by writing on a paper or board. There are many powerful psychics or clairvoyants that have the ability to see the spirit and talk to them in their minds.

You need to talk to the psychics about the mediumship before you initiate for the consultation. If the psychic denies to being a medium, you need to find a person who has the guts to be a medium and help you out in this situation. One great way to find such people is to have a look at the irish website, they’ve got some great and highly professinal mediums.

So this is how you can meet the deceased person and communicate with them with the support and abilities of the powerful psychics. Believe it or not- these are not magic powers but the extreme fruit of powerful practice and dedication for which they earn the ability to communicate with the spirits and help people like you.


Accurate Psychic Readings: 3 Crucial Facts

It is known to almost everyone that there exists a realm that is greater than our own. And many people have already posed themselves to be living in this supernatural world, who claim to be psychics, and who can give accurate psychic readings. Though this is very much true, you should still be careful when it comes to choosing the right psychic for you. With the following guidelines, you will gain a clearer view on what it takes to give and receive accurate psychic readings.

How can you determine if you are being given accurate psychic readings?


A genuine psychic will tell you particular details of your situation. He will not make up stories but instead, relay to you what he senses. He will present his reading in an easy to understand manner and encourage you to look deeper into yourself and find the gifts that you’ve always had but never really acknowledged. He will treat you with respect and let you know that if you really want to, you always have the power within you to change yourself, your circumstances and ultimately, your destiny.

What if the next psychic medium I find lives far away from me? Can he still give me accurate psychic readings despite the distance?

Yes, when readings are done by psychic mediums, accurate psychic readings can be done via phone, or through mail, or even online. You don’t have to leave the comforts of your home, which gives you complete control over your privacy. This is because psychic mediums are not just attuned to the vibrations all around them, which are true for a regular psychic, but they are also spiritual vessels, meaning, the messages they receive are from Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. These supernatural beings are of a highly evolved nature who knows no bounds, and no limits in space and time.

What is the difference between intuition and psychic ability?

Intuition is like a gut feeling. It is a kind of knowing without any logical explanation. Having come from a Latin word, ‘interim’, it literally means to ponder and look inside. Psychic ability, on the other hand, has a deeper meaning than intuition. It is always present and active, and offers precise interpretations. This ability is crucial in giving accurate psychic readings. People are curious about these questions because they perceive their fates to be permanent. What they usually forget is that life is as fleeting as the wind. Inasmuch as it can go in any direction, you can actually steer it to where you want to go. This is where accurate psychic readings can help you. Because the messages that the psychic will convey to you are coming from your own Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, you are assured of their authenticity. Nevertheless, you have the power to change its course. Now that accurate psychic readings are guiding you, it won’t be hard dealing with life from now on. Wiskunde offer more in depth knowledge on this topic through the excellent writer Thilde Svensson.

By being aware of these things, you can be sure that you are receiving accurate psychic readings. You will be confident enough to know that the readings you are receiving are coming from something spiritually pure, and from the highest sources of white light.

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The world of Spiritualism

Spiritualism and what it contains can appeal to many. It is always interesting to consider the power certain aspects of spiritualism has. What physics can tell, how tarot cards can read your future…It is no wonder people have been turning to such means to answer unanswerable questions since the dawn of time. Indeed spiritualism and it’s powers have a deep rooted history in our pass that many people like to ignore. People also often fail to realise that spiritualism can simply be accessed through nature, and that is it surrounding them all the time. But what services does spiritualism provide? When you want to find questions for existence and are considering spiritualism, it is often difficult to know where to start, or who to consult. So we have put together a little list on the wonderful resources in the world of spiritualism.

the spiritual world



Having the power of a medium, means that that person has the ability to contact the dead. Whatever your beliefs are on what life after death is, if you have recently lost someone, you may feel the appeal to hire a medium as a host to talk to your loved one who is present in the afterlife. Consulting mediums gained an increase in popularity in the 19th century, and since then they have served in many ways, but most importantly have allowed closer access between the living and their loved ones.

Tarot card reading.

Tarot card readings has been present in the world since the mid-15th century, and it is the process of telling a persons future. Most tarot card decks contain 78 cards, and have various meaningful pictures on each card that are said to represent the person who is involved life. There are many different ways to read tarot cards and the way that they can be interpreted, so it is best to go to someone who has proper knowledge of the cards to have your future read.

Psychic and Phone Psychics.

A Psychic is a person who has the ability to use extrasensory perception which they can use for a wide range of abilities. They mainly have the ability to see the future, and help people to confront their future and past with their powers, which is why they are often consulted for their many uses. It is easily possible to find a local psychic in your area if you search on the internet, but it is also possible for you to have a reading with a psychic over the phone, who though won’t be able to read your palm and other such psychic methods, will still be able to give you a proper consultation.

We hope that this post on the world of spiritualism will help you in your path of finding out more about spiritualism, mediums, tarot card readings and psychics. The world of spiritualism is a vast one and has many purposes. We also hope that all your questions about your existence will be met, and that you will be more than happy with the answer.